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Strategic Partnership with Sankheki Analytics and Research

Stoughton, Wisconsin – February 16, 2015: 
NueMedia, LLC announced today that it has formed a strategic partnership with Sankheki Analytics and Research. Through this partnership, the advertisers of, and can access technologically advanced media and marketing analytic services.

According to Ross Scovotti, President of NueMedia, LLC, “21st century eMedia programs generate so much data that most marketers don’t have the time or the training to figure out what it all means. Yet, hidden inside that data are vital keys to marketing success. At NueMedia we strive to provide our clients with the information and services they need to grow their businesses. With this relationship with Sankheki, we can now offer clients the best in marketing and media analytics.”

Companies in the commercial woodworking, finishing and countertop industries can enhance their marketing efforts through advanced analytics. This relationship also marks the change from a client/vendor affiliation to a partnership.

“Last summer we commissioned Sankheki to assist with our bi-annual State of the Industry study,” explained Ross Scovotti, President of NueMedia. “They uncovered trends and growth areas in the industries we serve. These insights help us to serve our customers better. Based on their responsiveness, expertise, and quality of work, we knew that the services of Sankheki would be beneficial to our clients.”

Raji Teja Amaravadhi, Founder and Managing Director of Sankheki agrees. “Sankheki Analytics and Research is excited to form a strategic alliance with NueMedia. Our team of experienced researchers is well suited to provide marketing, retail, and supply chain analytics services to NueMedia’s clients in the wood, finishing, and countertop industries.”

To find out more about how NueMedia/Sankheki research and analytic services can improve your firm’s marketing results, contact Ross Scovotti at +1 (608) 873-6268 or

About Sankheki Analytics and Research
Sankheki is an Indian expression for the term statistics that forms the core of our organization. We constantly strive to deliver innovative, cutting-edge solutions integrated with Big Data Analytics. Our methodologies, which are the product of a team having expertise in big data, marketing, supply chain, and retail analytics, helps businesses become leaders in a competitive landscape. We believe business insights driven by sound data analytics are a recipe for success. Our end-to-end solutions involve two key parameters – data engineering and decision science. Our mixture of technology coupled with business intuition, applied math, and behavioral sciences, are designed to solve problems with either a well-defined or constantly shifting scope.

About NueMedia, LLC
NueMedia, LLC unites buyers and sellers in a 21st century business environment through unique content, technology, and systems, delivering precise information to its community members and unparalleled response to suppliers when and where it is needed. NueMedia, LLC is committed to utilizing cutting edge technologies that facilitate fast and accurate searches for business information. We provide what business professionals need, when they need it, in the form that suits their unique requirements.

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