NueMedia Adds Video Production Services

Strategic Partnership with Accent Media Incorporated.

Stoughton, Wisconsin – March 16, 2015:
Ross Scovotti, President of NueMedia LLC announced today that the company has formed a strategic partnership with video and audio production experts Accent Media Incorporated of Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Through this partnership, the advertisers and members of, and can access technologically advanced, high quality motion media services at an affordable cost.

“Technology has drastically changed the nature of what used to be just audiovisual marketing tools. Today, companies need to think in terms of media, not video. In order to ensure our clients and members can receive the highest quality product at a reasonable cost, we partnered with Accent Media, an award winning motion media production provider,” stated Ross Scovotti, President/CEO of NueMedia, LLC.

Companies in the commercial woodworking, finishing and countertop industries can enhance their marketing efforts through motion media. This relationship marks yet another partnership that gives NueMedia clients and members the opportunity to implement a 21st Century marketing plan through a single source.

According to Doug Krejci, President of Accent Media Incorporated, “The days of old, slow video production methods and applications have come to an end. Improvements in computer equipment and non-linear editing software have made it possible to produce affordable, high-quality, media. We provide all of our clients with award-winning motion media that can run from DVD, Blu-Ray or Internet-Based Media 24/7. We look forward to providing these same professional solutions to the NueMedia customer base.”

Professionally produced videos get noticed. Clients and members interested in discovering the power of motion media should contact Ross Scovotti at NueMedia, +1.608.873.6268 or to discuss the details.

About Accent Media, Incorporated
Founded in 2000, Accent Media is a full-service creative high definition production environment creating a wide variety of media from script to screen, from live events to multiple corporate and commercial applications. Accent Media has taken a number of client projects to new levels, as evidenced by the more than 100 nationally-based awards for corporate, commercial, and artistic awards it has received. In addition to providing professional High Definition production videography, Accent Media can also create, duplicate, and replicate for a wide range of digital media needs and distributions. At Accent Media we know there’s high-end, high-cost and low-end, low-cost production and not a lot in between. Accent Media fills this void with high-quality media services at an affordable price point.

About NueMedia, LLC
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