NueMedia Upgrades Mobile Information Access

Four of Five Strategic Initiatives for 2015 Achieved

Stoughton, Wisconsin – June 10, 2015:
In response to increasing demand for faster and more thorough information on mobile devices, NueMedia, LLC has upgraded tens of thousands of pages in its digital information portals, (DIPs) in, and

A recent internal study found that almost 85% of today’s business professionals have shifted from “brick and paper” channels to digital channels of engagement. It also concluded that almost 50% of email users now use mobile devices (tablet or phone) instead of PCs for a majority of their information needs during business hours. This means smartphones and tablets are not only replacing magazines and printed material, but PCs as well.

“To satisfy this growing need for information on-the-fly, we here at NueMedia have upgraded our mobile sites. Now it is easier than ever to access a broad array of mission critical data in our portals so our members can increase their operational efficiency and profitability on any Android or Apple smartphone or tablet,” stated Ross Scovotti, NueMedia Founder/CEO.

This announcement comes on the heels of NueMedia’s two strategic partnership announcements. “We remain focused on our mission and are always on the cutting edge regarding how we deliver the information we house and the ways it can be accessed. However, to provide a complete package of services for all of our clients’ needs, we have partnered with companies we know have the same customer focus, best-in-class services in their area of expertise,” Scovotti continued.


For 2015, NueMedia established five major priorities. First, deliver a complete eMedia marketing solution through strategic partnerships. Second, upgrade all of its DIPs to improve the quality of the user experience. Third, upgrade its mobile sites. Fourth, increase the activity on its social media applications and offerings. These four priorities have been completed. The remainder of the year will be spent upgrading and enhancing productIQ.

“As we continue to grow, our goals grow with us. Today, our portals have information, features and functionality never before seen. These projects are now complete, at least for the time being. In the second half of 2015 we will focus 90% of our resources on making productIQ more accurate and more complete,” added Scovotti.

To view the mobile sites simply open the browser on your mobile device and type in any of the URLs;, or

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