NueMedia Launches Mobile Apps

Stoughton, Wisconsin – March 4, 2016: To address the increased demand for information access on the go, NueMedia, LLC has launched three mobile Apps for its digital information portals, (DIPs) in, and


After reviewing the statistics on newsletter readership, company analysts found that more than 30% of NueMedia's members had migrated from their laptops to mobile devices. Also more than 50% of email users now use mobile devices, including tablets and phones, instead of PCs for a majority of their information needs during business hours. This means smartphones and tablets have not only replaced magazines and printed material, but PCs as well.


It was GenX that brought about the technology revolution in business. This caused the B2B media world to migrate from paper to online assets. Today, as more and more Millennials enter the workforce, laptop technology is becoming passé. The smartphone is now the go-to device. Therefore, it was only logical for us to address this trend now as more and more business decision makers gravitate to their phones to satisfy their information needs. It’s a great day here at NueMedia as we continue to offer our members more options to access information and our clients more ways to reach those members,” stated Ross Scovotti, NueMedia President/Founder.


NueMedia established three major priorities for 2016, The first was to address the increase in use of mobile technology through new mobile Apps for its DIPs;, and Today's announcement completes that goal.


“While this announcement marks the competition of our first goal for 2016, it also marks the beginning of our next challenge; doing the same for productIQ. However, that will take a bit of doing given the tremendous amount of data and all the search criteria we have programmed into our database. Stay tuned. We’re already on the move," added Scovotti.

To quickly access any of these the mobile Apps, simply go to the jump pages on;, or or go directly to Google Play or the Apple App Store and search them by name.

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