Scovotti Announces Retirement

Stoughton, Wisconsin – March 4, 2016: Today, NueMedia, LLC is sad to announce that President/Founder, Ross M. Scovotti has announced that he will retire at the end of 2017. Scovotti will continue to lead the organization in a full-time capacity for the remainder of the year. His day-to-day duties will remain the same through December 31st.

“Although NueMedia’s success and growth continues, I personally have reached a point in my life where retirement makes sense. I am well into my 60’s and have an unblemished 42-year career in marketing, 35 of those in trade publishing. I’ve owned three successful businesses, an equally successful one man consulting company, served as VP of Marketing for a Fortune 250 company and worked with clients on the agency side of the business as an Account Supervisor. Now after a successful foray in the world of eMedia, I’ve achieved all the goals I established for my career and then some,” said Scovotti.

When asked about the future of NueMedia, LLC Ross stated, “We have begun to explore different options.  One possibility is an employee buyout. However, we also welcome any inquiry relative to the purchase of the company or the company assets. The one thing I can tell you for sure is regardless of what the end game is, it will not involve any active participation on my part once the year has come to an end.”

Those wishing to learn more about acquiring NueMedia and its digital assets should contact Ross Scovotti by voice at +1.608.579.1618 or by email at

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