Reviewing the Past to Predict the Future
12/18/2014 11:30:16 AM

As we prepare to close our fifth year, it is gratifying to see that virtually everything we predicted has come to pass. In 2010 when we told folks that the cabinet, finishing, and countertop industries would begin to merge with each other, they looked at us like we had two heads! Today, this is a reality that no one can deny. In that same year when we coined the term DIPs (Digital Information Portals) and created,, and, people thought we were crazy. Today, DIPs are commonplace in a multiple industries, including healthcare and textiles. When we explained that the future of business-to-business was found in strong database applications, people thought we had lost our minds. Today, having an efficient, up-to-date databases is at the top of virtually every supplier’s “To Do” list. In the coming year it will be on the tip of every media sales person’s tongue. Nice to see they’re finally starting to catch up.

Today, we are beyond the doorstep of the eMedia revolution. Traditional trade magazines continue to die because they can no longer provide useful information at the pace that business demands. Printed content is just too slow. Those that still exist flounder in an attempt to make the transition from the paper to the virtual world. They have not yet come to grips with the fact that the print mentality cannot simply be transplanted into online offerings. It doesn’t work! EMedia is unique and requires a totally different business mindset and model. The “push” approach of yesteryear when advertisers controlled the dissemination of marketing content has been replaced with a “pull” philosophy, one that empowers customers to access information when, where, and how they choose.

So, here are my predictions for 2015.

First, the number of new websites and upgraded websites will grow exponentially. Certainly there will be those that will be dragged in kicking and screaming. However, even the holdouts know deep down that there is no longer any way to be truly successful without embracing eMedia.

Second, our theories of Marketspace will continue to evolve well past the business-to-business marketplace and become the dominate force in the business-to-consumer marketing worlds. No longer will just having a website be enough. That is where the marketing challenge begins.

Finally, online estimating will begin to rear its head as the newest, viable sales tool in the retail community. As the Millennials continue to take the place of the Baby Boomers as the target market for homes and home furnishing, technologies supporting online shopping and pricing will be the major drivers for business success.

There is more in the wind, but for now we’ll leave it at three. As we enter 2015, I hope you will continue to challenge us by sharing the information needs you have so we can make our offerings even better, stronger and more relevant to you.

We at NueMedia look forward to working with you throughout 2015 as your business information resource.

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