IWF 2016 Show Preview
5/15/2016 6:58:00 PM

When NueMedia, LLC launched its first two portals six years ago, our mission was simple; “To connect buyers with sellers, anytime, regardless of location.” The most important part of the equation was to make sure that you, the practitioner, could access specific, detailed product information that would help you purchase the exact products and services that would serve your business needs 100% correctly. It was from this mission that productIQ (PIQ) was born.

As you prepare for your journey to Atlanta for IWF 2016, PIQ is especially important. There will be 1,000+ exhibitors demonstrating the products you will research in Atlanta. Those four days will fly by quickly. Between impromptu meetings with old friends and business associates, as well as the time it takes to extract the information necessary at each booth you visit, at best you’ll be able to get to about 60 booths in total. Therefore, the key to getting the most out of your floor time at IWF is to do some preshow research that will help you whittle down the number of companies you need to see. This is where we begin.

PIQ is the largest, most detailed database serving the woodworking, wood finishing, and countertop fabrication and installation industries. It is unique in the fact that it contains all the products you will consider purchasing and an accurate description of each. This gives you the opportunity to eliminate those suppliers whose products don’t meet your company’s unique need. Best of all, you can search by product name, product type, and/or company name with just a mouse click. By searching the products you intend to buy, you can boil down the number of suppliers you have to schedule a visit with before you leave the shop.

The exhibitors at IWF will have all the products, services and equipment you’ll need to continue to succeed in business. Let’s begin with software. To do an effective job for your customer, you’ll need a design/estimating package or maybe a CAD/CAM product. If you’ve added closets to the services you offer, you’ll need a specialized software to get the job done.

In the cutting and sawing arena, there will be a variety of equipment such as; CNC routers and machining centers, sawing solutions including; chop saws, table saws, rip saws and the like, along with hand tools and tooling services, and bits and blades. Suppliers selling cabinet components and the gluing equipment and adhesives for assembly will have lots to offer. So you need to be prepared to discover those finite details that will make your purchases perfect for your business.

Then there’s finishing. A world of its own that includes; coatings and materialsequipment and servicesspray boothsgunspumps/compressorsaccessories and much, much more!

Most importantly, I invite you to check out the offerings from the suppliers below. They are by far some of the best in our industry and are worth the time it will take you to visit them personally.

So, make the most of your time at the show. Click on any of the quick links above, or visit PIQand do some homework.

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