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8/18/2014 7:00:00 PM

If you didn’t get a chance to get to COVERINGS 2014 last week, you missed out on a great show. While attendance seemed a little off, (maybe we’re all getting a little tired of the monthly pilgrimage to Vegas), the sentiment I got from most exhibitors was, “overall, a good show.” Even though the cast of companies was pretty much the same, they came with some exciting, new offerings. What follows are the ones I felt to be most significant for you.

Good news from the world of tile. Larger aspect tile that caters to the countertop market has finally arrived in mass. Both the Italian and Spanish producers have finally discovered our industry and are paying homage to the countertop market with sizes specifically focused on these applications. Speaking of the Spanish, in this year’s annual address on style, Tile of Spain focused far more on design than color. 2014 has seen a blending of both the traditional and nontraditional patterns, including faux wood grains and wallpaper patterns that look like the real thing! It is projected that this is the wave of the future. Expect it to be with us for several years to come.

Speaking of wood, if you want to add some unique offerings to your arsenal, you should check out MR Direct International’s line of bamboo vessel sinks. Truly unique and very stylish, these products will surely make a fine addition to what you offer the end user. To find out more visit

The world of cutting and polishing was also well represented. I stopped by for a visit with Kyle Baek at Disco Tools. He showed me the new disco 3+1 Step Dry Diamond, resin bonded diamond polishing pads for use on granite, marble, quartz and concrete. By reducing the number of steps in the polishing process, these products can save you time and money. To find out more visit

But the real buzz in the tool world was spawn by Cosentino. No, Cosentino is not getting in the tool business. However, its new product, Dekton, introduced earlier this year, has created a need for new cutting, boring and polishing products specifically engineered for those dealing with this product. You see, Dekton is a bit too brittle to process with traditional blades and wheels. So Cosentino has created its own certification program with its own seal of approval that manufacturers are subscribing to. Mr. Michele Rango at Diamut showed me a complete line of “Cosentino-Certified” tools for machining and finishing Dekton. To find out more BTW, you can find these products at GranQuartz as well.

Alpha Professional Tools had a four-page brochure that highlighted eight new and/or improved products, including its PVA Dry Polishing Discs, EZ Thin Tile Cutters, Spike Ruler as well as several new additions to its Turboshine line; one grouping for crystallized glass and the White Buff in both flexible and rigid styles. However, one full page and half the of cover was dedicated to The Silencer III, a CNC core bit, a CNC finger bit and Twincur Gem-V pads, all specifically approved for Dekton by Cosentino. These and other Alpha product can be found by visiting

Now comes the real deal, a quick and dirty on the companies highlighted below.

  • If you’re researching CNC, be sure to put Eagle Rock Products on the list. This small footprint, high powered router does everything the big boys do. The price point makes it mighty tempting. Check it out below.
  • Integra Adhesives is at it again with another customer focused, innovative offering. Check it out below.
  • Radiant heat has found its way under countertops. Here’s another value add, new profit center that’s inexpensive to add, easy to install, and sets you apart from the competition. SIGNATURE sweetens the pot with a neat piece of technology you don’t want to overlook. Check it out below.
  • Speaking of CNC, Northwood’s FabCenter is solid as a rock. Check it out below.
  • At Groves, quality and performance is the never-ending mission. Check it out below.
  • Innovation continues with an expanded CounterBalance product line from Chemical Concepts. Check it out below.
  • Serving installer needs created the simple solution from Pearl Abrasives to an age old problem. Check it out below.
  • Last but certainly not least, two new software updates from ETemplate Systems who already have the most accurate measuring tool in the marketplace despite the claims of its competition. Check it out below.

That’s about it today. However, next Tuesday on I’ll be the blogger in “On The Surface” featuring all the things you should know about digital measuring and how it can positively affect your CNC fabricating process.

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