Not All eMedia is Created Equal

Today, the web influences the way we sell products and serve customers. For the first time in history, customers and prospects can research the products and services they intend to purchase without ever contacting the suppliers who manufacture and/or distribute them. While your website may do a great job highlighting the benefits of your products and services, it is a fact that buyers want a single, neutral source where they can find all the options available to them. This requisite gave birth to NueMedia, LLC.

Do you know that 70% of all significant market share shifts result from a firm’s ability to adapt to major technological innovations? When it comes to your company’s marketing efforts, information-based technologies are replacing physical products. Welcome to the evolution from marketplace to Marketspace. Are you ready?

But beware - not all eMedia approaches are created equal. Today your client base has become more diversified. Trade magazines with their companion websites mirror the old, vertical approach. Publishers simply extend the old-fashioned paper and ink model to the web, providing low-reach, high-priced, event-focused advertising solutions that reach only a portion of your prospects. Why shackle your entire marketing effort to this antiquated method when there is a more intelligent way to use eMedia!

Since 2010 NueMedia has provided a new Marketspace approach that satisfies the information needs of both buyers and sellers. We have compiled the largest, most accurate database available, containing the product data your customers and prospects are looking for in a non-biased environment, productIQ.

Fueling this process is not easy. All suppliers are welcome to list their companies and products with product descriptions at absolutely no cost. Our staff researches and updates this master database on a daily basis to ensure accuracy. It is a never ending journey.

This is just one facet in our eMedia approach.

In addition to their own business information needs, your clients and prospects need a constant flow of information that helps them better serve their customers. That’s why NueMedia, LLC developed its digital information portals (DIPs);, and, and their companion newsletters, all of which are connected to a central database, productIQ.

With this product-based approach, YOU can now REACH ANYONE interested in the products you vend, regardless of their industry segment, at one-tenth the cost of the traditional media that reaches a single vertical market.

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