Introducing: eTouch

The NueMedia model communicates with all a company’s prospects through a variety of touchpoints. eTouch makes managing multiple customer touchpoints easy. Select the options that work for you or take advantage of one of our bundled packages for huge savings.

Through eTouch, a company can now promote to prospects in areas of business that were previously impossible to financially justify at the same time you serve your mainstream targets. That’s what we mean by horizontal marketing. Best of all, through this one single medium, you can transform marketing events into a cohesive, strategic marketing program, customized to a company’s needs, for a mere fraction of what they would spend on a traditional media buy.

No one else gives you a model that addresses multiple venues to support a complete marketing strategy at a price any company can afford. This is the eTouch advantage. To find out more about this 21st century marketing solution contact or call +1 608.873.6268.

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